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Does the universe have boundaries? Einstein gave the answer, in fact, we also have experience

Does the universe have boundaries? Einstein gave the answer, in fact, we also have experience

Is the universe infinite? The answer given by many people is yes, but is this statement really correct? The answer is no, because there is a refutation about any question about infinity. Since the universe is infinite, where is his end? Since we can’t confirm where his end is, how do we make sure that he is infinite?

Therefore, the infiniteness of the universe in our eyes can only be speculation or thinking experiments and thinking cognition. But the birth and expansion of the universe is indeed recognized by scientists. The singular big bang is the most direct evidence. Our current cosmic microwave background radiation is the residual temperature left by the singular big bang. Scientists who discovered this theory also obtained The Nobel Prize. As for the expansion of the universe, we have to mention the Hubble scientist. The Hubble telescope is unknown, but there are not many people who know about the redshift phenomenon. Redshift is a phenomenon commonly found in most celestial bodies in the universe. In the visible light band, the spectrum of the spectrum is shifted toward the red end by a distance, that is, the wavelength becomes longer and the frequency decreases, indicating that the celestial bodies are moving away from each other and the universe is accelerating.

We can’t determine how the residual temperature of the cosmic microwave cools, but we can be sure that the universe is really expanding. The celestial body about 13 billion light years away is moving away from us at the speed of light, so we can only see 93 billion light years. The universe around. Einstein believes that the universe is boundless and boundless. It is also very easy to explain. But it is really difficult to really understand. It means that the universe is finite but there is no boundary. This kind of phenomenon is actually something we have experienced.

A long time ago, people thought that the earth was flat, even land. But with the development of science and technology, the satellites are more accurate. When they are launched into outer space, they prove that the earth is round and the land is curved. In fact, we The earth is boundless and boundless. You can’t find the boundary of the earth around the world, but the gravity of the earth has always been with the whole earth. So we can’t explain why this is happening in our world. It seems that everything has no definite boundaries. Just surrounded by a ring, then we can only think of the universe as an oversized balloon. Accelerating expansion is someone who has been accelerating.

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