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What if the earth was pierced by a “needle-like” meteorite?

This question is a bit whimsical. The so-called “needle-like” usually means that an object is sufficiently thin and then has a certain length. In space, a meteorite like this shape is hard to find. Even if it does, it cannot maintain its shape for a long time. This is because the shape of the needle is very unstable, if one The needle is not strong enough, so it is slightly affected by a little force, and it will disintegrate.

But this kind of meteorite can exist in our imagination, then what happens if there is such a needle-like body passing through the earth at high speed? I think this depends on the situation.

Fine enough vermiculite

If this meteorite is thin enough, it can easily pass through the earth without causing any damage to the earth. So what is the level? The answer is to be so detailed that it basically does not react with any matter on the earth. In fact, there are many such small particles in nature, that is, neutrinos.

The quality of neutrinos is too small to imagine, and the electronics are small enough? In general, neutrinos are hundreds of thousands of times smaller than electronics! The number of neutrinos in the universe is extremely large. Perhaps when you read this article, there are trillions of neutrinos that penetrate your body, but you are not aware of it. In the same way, when such a needle-like body passes through the earth, it can completely reach the realm of “swinging the sleeves without taking a trace of clouds.”

Not enough fine meteorite

If this meteorite does not meet this standard, then sorry, the earth will create a lot of trouble for you. The earth is accepting “baptism” from outer space almost every moment. The meteorites and dust in the universe are constantly rushing to the earth, but most of them have not landed on the earth’s surface. In the atmosphere, they will be because of themselves. The high temperature generated by air friction turns into ash.

And this imaginary meteorite wants to cross the earth, it must have enough energy. For the meteorite, its energy comes from its own kinetic energy, that is, its speed must be very fast. However, the speed is faster, and the temperature generated by friction will increase significantly. Don’t forget that the density of the earth itself is much larger than the air density of the atmosphere, which means that when the meteorite passes through the earth, this temperature The value will grow geometrically (estimated at a few hundred degrees Celsius), and it is clear that any matter in the known universe will collapse at this high temperature!

So what if there is such a needle-like meteorite that can withstand unimaginable high temperatures and great kinetic energy so that it can wear a small hole in the earth? I believe that this meteorite will release huge energy inside the earth while passing through the earth, thus destroying the internal balance of the whole earth, and the earth will explode instantly!

Fortunately, such a thing can’t happen in reality. It can only exist in our imagination: Maybe a senior alien civilization doesn’t know why we don’t look good, just throw a hidden weapon to the earth…

Ok, today we will talk about it here first, welcome everyone to pay attention to us , we will see you next time.

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